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Party Yacht For Rent Boracay

Explore our listing of the best yacht for rent in Boracay Island. Rent a party boat or a catamaran and enjoy a perfect sunset alongside the white beach. Choose the perfect Boracay wedding yacht for unforgettable moments. Sail on a private boat, yacht, or boat for a unique island-hopping day tour. Or simply charter a luxury yacht to cruise to any other destination within the Philippines.

Our Fleet

Our Yachts for Rent in Boracay

We propose all types of boats for rent in Boracay. Lease for the day a luxury yacht, a simple sailboat, a jetski, or a party boat. Contact us to list your boat from Boracay on our website. 


Morgan Catalina 50

  • Length: 50 feet
  • Guests for day Charter: NOT AVAILABLE
  • Guests for Overnight: N/A
  • Number of Cabins: 2


  • From Php 45,000 for 3 hours
  • Length: 45 feet
  • Guests for day Charter: 20
  • Guests for Overnight: N/A
  • Number of Cabins: N/A

Luzvilla Catamaran

  • From Php 55,000 for 3 hours
  • Length:
  • Guests for day Charter: 30
  • Guests for Overnight: N/A
  • Number of Cabins: N/A

Why Renting a Yacht in Boracay

Why is Boracay the best location for luxury yacht charters and cruises

Boracay is the number one luxury touristic destination in the Philippines with many 5-stars resorts, activities, luxury villas, and an amazing white beach. Any luxury charter should stop by Boracay for few days if you like to party and enjoy luxury accommodation in the middle of your luxury charters.

Where to Cruise around Boracay?

Cruising a yacht around Boracay is already one of the best activities, there are many party boats in front of station 1 and station 2 and the white beach. For long day tours, you can also sail to Carabao island with beautiful coves and snorkeling spots. The other side of the island also offers nice spots such as Ilig-Iligan Beach, Savoy beach, or Puka beach. 

Yacht Event Ideas

If you wish to go island hopping in Boracay, you can be sure that chartering a boat is the most peaceful and enjoyable way to go. However, if you want to explore the extremely small spots in front of Boracay, we recommend using the smaller paraw sailboats. And only if you don’t mind a large number of people accompanying you. Because the little islands are easily accessible by any charter boat, they are frequently visited.

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Latest Yacht Charter News

Top 5 Yachts for charter in the Philippines in 2021

A luxury way to discover the Philippine Islands is to rent a yacht and relax on board while being captivated by the beauty of nature. Explore the renowned white sands of Boracay, shipwrecks of Coron, the largest reef in the Philippines, Apo Reef, lagoons and clear water of El Nido, and other less touristy islands.
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More About Yacht Rental in Boracay

with multiple villas and spas as your destination, you can fit your experience to what you want it to be. With our wide range of luxury yachts, if its for a large or small party, The Party Yacht can offer you the best sized yacht for any occasion. Iif you’re looking for an intimate sunset dinner in Boracay, or a party on board an exclusive yacht with food and drinks, feel free to choose.

Our yacht rental in Boracay brings you to the best beach destination in the Philippines and some time under the sun in luxury and comfort. The yacht charters in Boracay is perfect for those who want some time in the best tropical island paradise in the Philippines. find a boat rental in Boracay for you yacht cruise in Boracay and view our charter rates and more.

Check our rates on yacht rental in Boracay prices and start a Boracay island hopping tour. Your Boracay Itinerary can take you helmet diving in Boracay during your leisure time or something more simple like scuba diving in Boracay. If you’ve taken a yacht charter with The Party Yacht, you can also go fishing in Boracay with a professional crew on board. When you go sailing in Boracay, if you want to do a private event for your friends and family, you can start by doing a yacht party in Boracay as an exclusive event on board.

One of the more popular Boracay activities is sunset sailing. Relax at the conclusion of an exciting Boracay day by watching the sunset with friends and perhaps a drink in hand. The sea, like the winds, calms down in the evening. As a result, you can anticipate a very smooth and enjoyable ride. Sunset sailing is very popular, so expect a long line. If you wish to schedule it ahead of time, please phone us at least two days in advance. We’d be delighted to assist you. According to the Coast Guard, we have a maximum of 11 passengers on a sunset sailing excursion. If you want a private ride, it’s all yours, including the fun. If you wish to hire or charter the boat with a daytrip, please contact us.

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